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I believe that everyone is curious and wants to know more about the world that surrounds and affects them.  We want to know what was that plant or animal I just saw? Why did I get sick? How come I snore? What the heck are lichens? And so much more! 

Hi, I'm Rich Sobel. In Biology4Everyone's articles you'll discover exotic creatures. Learn about your genes. Explore current biological issues. Nature. Conservation. Genetics. Microorganisms. Diseases. Your body. And more. 

All in simple language you can easily understand!

So come explore the magical and fascinating world of biology with me.  You'll be glad you did.

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"Rich Sobel writes about fascinating creatures and biological issues that affect our lives.

He is an outstanding writer. His style is informative, scientific, and highly engaging."

Dew Langrial

Author, writer 

Illumination-Curated Editor 

"What attracted me to Rich is that he writes so eloquently about matters I would normally struggle with. I have to be honest, my biology classes at school, dissecting frogs, put me off the subject for life. Rich has succeeded in turning me back on to the subject. He makes the unfathomable totally understandable and highly readable. Top man."

Liam Ireland

Author, writer 

Illumination-Curated Editor

Top Writer in short stories and poetry.

"I read every blog post... Always interesting & very readable & comprehensible (I've had very little science education! ) And entertaining, too --  you've made me laugh!

Thanks for teaching me lots of stuff I didn't realize I didn't know about!"



"I really enjoy your Biology newsletter. 

I only did biology up to grade 10 in high school, and never studied it further. So I find your articles and links quite fascinating!"



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